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Charcoal Lattes – Yay or Nay?

I love a good latte, and with all the new trendy coffee crazes that there’s been lately there seems to be no end in choice whether you like your coffee sweet or bitter.

For a lot of veteran coffee drinkers though nothing beats a good old black coffee but asking for your coffee black now could mean receiving something very different.

That’s because the new hot trend in lattes is the charcoal latte.

Spotted in the US and UK these funky new lattes have not crossed our boarders yet but I’ve no doubt that they’ll be heading across to us soon.

Made using activated charcoal these lattes are blowing up Instagram and Snapchat and are looking to be the new ‘must be seen with’ beverage.

Though some believe charcoal to have great health benefits my main concern is what these lattes are going to taste like. I personally never looked at a charcoal stick in art class and thought ‘hmm that looks tasty’, but hey you never know, I’ll just have to wait till they land and find out.


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7 Super Skin Products For Pregnancy

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelee Milk


This stuff was an absolute life saver in my first trimester. I’ve also been prone to getting a little bit of dry skin around my T Zone but during my first few weeks of pregnancy it really felt like my entire face was going to fall off. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelee Milk was the only thing that worked and now more than half way through my pregnancy is still one of my go to products.

Was €10.99 in Boots but is currently on sale at half price.

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream


Made right here in Ireland, Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream is your one stop shop for everything from stretch marks to burns. I gave myself a bad scald a few weeks ago taking pizza out of the oven so I decided to pop on a little Remedy Cream. I found it great for dulling the sting and within a few days of continual use the burn healed perfectly without leaving a mark. It also smells amazing so I love using it on my stretch marks.

Retails at 19.95

Garnier Micellar Water


I think most of us at this stage have a bottle of Garnier Micellar Water in the bathroom cabinet at this stage and it’s no wonder really as it really is fantastic at removing make up and leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed. Pregnancy hormones can cause a lot of out breaks and skin problems so Micellar Water is a great way to tackle spots and oily patches without irritation. I’ll definitely be packing mine into my hospital bag.

Available from Boots at €7.99

La Roche Posay Thermal Water Spray


This is another product I’ll defiantly be popping into the hospital bag. La Roche Posay Thermal Water Spray is an absolute life saver especially if like me you’re pregnant over the summer. A great, simple way of cooling yourself off and hydrating your skin at the same time it’s a great product to have nearby in the labour ward.

Available at Boots for €4.99


Tanorganic Dry Oil


Oil is something that we associate with babies but it’s also something we associate with feeling greasy, but thanks to Tan Organic you can get all the moisture of an oil without any of the usual sticky after effects. I used to love watching my aunts use all their lotions and potions at their vanity tables growing up and one thing that was always present was oil and seeing as they all have amazing skin to this day I started using TanOrganic Dry Oil a couple of years ago. It smells fresh and natural, even my husband who usually hates the smell of beauty products really likes it and it can be used in a variety of different ways. During my pregnancy I’ve mostly used it on my hair to add back the moisture and shine that the pregnancy hormones have taken out.

Retails at €24.99

Dr Paw Paw Balm


Here’s another skin saver to stick in the hospital bag because nothing dries out your lips quite like the central heating in the maternity hospital. Dr Paw Paw Balm is my favourite lip product by far and it’s particularly great if you’re pregnant because it doesn’t have a strong taste so you don’t have to worry about it setting off your morning sickness.

Retails at most pharmacies for €8.99

Cien Foot Cream


There’s nothing like pregnancy to make you wish that your feet were detachable. That’s where Cien Foot Cream comes to the rescue. Cooling and soothing this budget buy is a must have for any pregnant woman.

Available at Lidl for €2.99

*some prices may change or have changed since this blog was posted*


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New Obsession – Casetify Glitter Cases

I’m a big glitter fan, as anyone who has known me for like 5 seconds will know.In my world, the more glitter the better.

Recently I was introduced to Casetify and it was love at first sparkle.

Recently featured in Mashable and Vogue, Casetify have several collections including wallet phone cases and the Lucy Hale collection, and who would know better about phone accessories than the Pretty Little Liar herself?

My absolute favourite though is their glitter case range which has something for everyone whether you’re the glamour puss, quirky girl, hey there’s even a bridal one.

They’re also certified as non toxic and are long lasting keeping your phone safe in style.

The cases fit iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and are made with enhanced dual-layer protection sparkle water case is available in Gold Chrome, Rosé Pink, Monochrome Silver.



The cases are $45 and deliver to Ireland and while the glitter cases are currently only available for Iphone, Casetify make a great selection of Android cases too.

They also sell phone charms, Apple watch bands and Macbook sleeves.

So start dropping Valentine gift hints now ladies but be quick as shipping can take 7 working days.

You can check out my Instagram for snaps of me using my own gorgeous glitter case and updates on more great product finds.

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Could You Do The Fashion Fast?

In America alone, over 82 pounds of clothing ends up in landfills every year polluting the environment.

This is caused by the phenomenon that is fast fashion.

Fast Fashion is caused by a need by high street store to increase profits and to satisfy the desire for new trends and while this may make us stylish it’s hurting the planet.

Don’t worry it’s not too late to start helping the planet while still keeping your style all thanks to concepts like the Fashion Fast.

The fashion fast is a challenge to reuse the fashion we already have instead of constantly consuming clothing.

The idea is similar to that of the French Wardrobe which encourages people to downsize their clothing consumption to a few basic items that can be updated with accessories.


The idea is simple – select six items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only these every day for six weeks.

Don’t panic, it’s just for key items like trousers and tops – you can have unlimited access to underwear, accessories, gym gear and footwear.

2017’s Six Items Challenge is during lent which falls between 1st March and 24th April but the idea of a minimalist wardrobe is worth implementing all year round and with Irish organisations like Nu. spear heading ethical fashion it means you can shop while helping the planet all at the same time.

Save the world and shop? What could be better?

Will you be taking part in the Fashion Fast this year?

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Cork Is Having A Chocolate Festival This Year And My Body Is Ready

At the moment Cork is in the midst of their Burger Festival which I sadly can’t make it to, but a bit of investigation (okay Twitter browsing) led me to finding out another great festival.

It seems Cork is on a roll when it comes to cracking out amazing festivals, and this autumn is looking to be just a little bit more amazing than I was ever expecting.

Why is that? Oh no reason just a little thing called CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL!

Running the weekend of the 25th and 26th, it’s going to be two days of delicious chocolaty goodness.

With workshops, stalls and chocolate competitions (because the only thing better than chocolate is free chocolate ) this is going to be one jammed packed weekend.

It’s still a ways away but hey you can never be too prepared, so don’t fill up on Halloween candy because it’s going to be amazing!


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M&S Have Just Unveiled This Amazingly Quirky Wedding Cake

When we think of wedding cakes we generally think of 3 tiered fruit cake with a little bride and groom perched on top. It’s traditional, it’s pretty.

Well M&S have flipped the script when it comes to traditional and have unveiled their new quirky wedding cake that caters to the bride who wants something different.

Introducing Colin and Connie the caterpillars.


Recently married themselves, Colin and Connie are hoping to feature in your wedding too and from the 23rd of February they can.

Out fitted with an edible top hat, veil and confetti,the newly weds cost £50 each or £100 for the pair.

Being made available in the UK from the end of February, the happy couple will hopefully be available in Ireland very soon.

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This Irish Business Woman Is Creating The BEST Greeting Cards For Your Galentine

With Valentine’s Day only a couple of weeks away, I’m starting to see heart shaped everything, everywhere.

With almost everything marketed to couples, it can be hard to find the perfect card for your special gal pals.

Well look no further, because this Irish woman has started making the cutest, motivational, girl power cards for you to give to your Galentine this year.



Created by Michelle Fallon of Michelle Made This, these quirky cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation to your BFF.

Available from Etsy, these cards come with 13 different quotes and there’s free delivery within Ireland.

So get the gals together, pour out the prosecco and celebrate Galentine’s day in style.


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There’s A Prosecco Festival In London This Summer

Looking for a reason to go on a weekend away with the girls, well I may have just found the perfect excuse.

This summer London is about to get extra bubbly as they have their first ever prosecco festival.

Yes that’s right, a festival paying tribute to our favourite sparkling liquid will be taking place this May .

With the prosecco in full flow and live DJs pumping the tunes it looks like the party to be at this summer.



Prosecco Springs who manages the event describes it as “London’s first and only festival solely dedicated to Prosecco”.

As well as lots and lots of prosecco there will also be pop up shops, master classes and lots of delicious Italian food.

Running from Friday 12th until Sunday 14th May it’s the perfect why to start the summer off with style.

Now to book those flights.


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Worries I Have As A Working Mum

As Mums we’re constantly putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and let’s face it it’s not a standard anyone can live up to and yet we still beat ourselves for every little mistake we make.

One of the biggest difficulty for modern mums is whether or not to go back to work after having a child and for some mums, due to financial difficulties it’s not even a choice.

It’s a constant balance between family and career and it never seems to go away. We walk around constantly questioning every decision we make.

Worrying is part and parcel of being a parent and trying to have the best of everything is a tightrope of a balancing act.

Am I doing the right thing?

When it comes to motherhood you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t so there’s no right or wrong answer to this question.

Every family situation is different and every mother has their own reasons for going back to work but mum’s always get the rawest deal when it comes to judgment. This is as unfair on dads as it is on mums because it implies that it’s not as much of an emotional tug of war for a father to say goodbye to his children in the morning as he heads off on a long shift not seeing them for the better part of the day.

When I had my son I was still a student so I was able to spend the first 2 years of his life mostly at home but that’s not the situation for most new mums and having to head back to work when your child is only a few months old is heart breaking but with the cost of living in Ireland rising all the time being a stay at home mum is often not an option.

The only one who can decide if going back to work is the right choice is you but even when you’re certain it is it doesn’t make leaving your child any easier.

Am I missing out?

While my job is fairly flexible working full time means sometimes having to miss out.

I try my best to try not to because I know he expects to see my face in the crowd if there’s a school play or sports day but sometimes it’s not always visible and those days are the hardest.

I wasn’t able to be there for his first day at play school and I remember crying on my drive to work that day. It sounds like the silliest thing to cry over but up until then we had always been together and I knew he was confused as to why I wasn’t going with him. I worked in a pharmaceutical company at the time and I worked 12 hours over time that week so that I could collect him on the Friday.

I have more freedom with my new job but I have come to terms with the fact that some things I won’t be able to be there for.

Are they ok?

This isn’t just a concern when I’m at work but anytime I’m not around and I think most parents are the same.

My son started primary school in September and even though he comes home happy and healthy the fear is still within me.

I had a rough time in school and often felt left out and rejected and it’s something I never want him to go through but as he gets older it becomes less and less something that I can control.

I have to trust that I’ve filled him with enough confidence to get him through the hard times and that he knows that if anything bad should happen that he always has me to fall back on.

Will this be a problem in the future?

One fear that plays on my mind a lot is my child resenting me for not being around more.

Again it’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t because I have friends who’ve had their kids lash out at them later in life because they were stay at home mums and the kids felt like they were carrying the guilt of their mother having to give up her career.

I worried about this more when I worked jobs with longer hours but now being in a 9-5 the worry has eased a bit.

My son is already in school most of the time I’m in work and as he gets older he’ll be in for longer so it doesn’t effect his daily routine whether during the hours he’s in school if I’m at home or in an office but it could become an issue if down the line I decided to have another child.

Can I win either way?

Short answer  no, but there’s no real winning in parenting.

We constantly feel like we should be doing more for our children and be better than we are when in reality the only person who can judge how we’re doing are our kids and if they’re happy that’s all that counts.

Whenever I have time off I try to get out with my son and do as much as possible and working in online media I’m pretty good at finding out what’s on out and about the city.

Kids appreciate time over money so don’t sweat the small stuff like trying to buy them the best of the best and just focus on enjoying the moments you have together. When I think back on my childhood my most vivid memories are renting Disney movies on a Saturday night and having water fights in the summer and neither of those required massive amounts of money.

You are the greatest gift you can give your child.


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