I’m not gonna lie I can be a bit of a basic bitch when it comes getting hyped for the arrival of seasonal coffees. The minute I spot an advert for a new drink I’m like ‘Ou what’s that?” and occasionally “ew what’s that” when it looks a bit dodge.



Saying that I love the auld seasonal coffee I’m not actual a pumpkin spice latte girl at all. My mate convinced me to try one last year and it was not the party in my mouth that I was hoping it would be.


So I was really holding out for a hero when it came to the Christmas selection and yesterday my new favourite, super girly, Christmas ‘treat yoself’ treat.

Introducing the Insomnia Salted Caramel Latte……………

I know what you’re thinking, what has salted caramel got to do with Christmas and I can safely say probably nothing but what does make it an extra special Christmas surprise is the topping which is gorgeous golden edible glitter!

If you’ve seen some of my previous posts you probably know I love me some glitter so yep I’m may have squealed a little in the cafe.

The Insomnia Salted Caramel Latte is super yummy but you’ll definitely need a sweet tooth for this one, which I do so it’s on like Donkey Kong.


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