I’m a vintage and thrift shop addict, both because it makes my wardrobe more unique and also because it’s more environmentally friendly as less clothes end up at landfills.

When I had my son we were lucky to get a lot of little boy hand me downs from friends and family but I still loved browsing the thrift shops, especially when we were on holidays, to see what funky vintage or handmade pieces were out there. In the great circle of clothing life most of my sons clothes from when he was younger have been passed on to friends, family and charity shops and now that I’m 9 months pregnant the collection of newborn to one year clothing begins.

Once again a lot has been good quality hand me downs from family members but the desire to thrift is still strong and when I spotted Golden Child Vintage were having an amazing 50% off sale I just couldn’t resist picking up a few pieces.

If I could have I would have bought everything on their site but for the time being here are the 6 pieces I picked up. Altogether these pieces originally would have cost almost 100euro but with their 50% off sale the entire bundle came to just a little over 40euros!



Osh Kosh Pink Dungerees – Size 3 months (1990s)


Vintage Dress – Size 6-9 months (1980s)


Feltman Bros Dress – Size 3 months (1980s)


Cl Castro & Co Dress – Size 6 months (1990s)


Boots dress – Size 3-6 months (1980s)


Boots dress – Size 3-6 months (1980s)

Below are some snaps of me in the early 90s alongside 2 of the dresses I picked up.