{ I originally wrote this poem in 2009 when a friend of mine became seriously ill but reading back over it reminds me a lot of trying to comfort my cousin after the death of her brother in 2015. It’s strange how something you can write years before an event occurs and under completely different circumstances can come to resonate with you on a completely different level. }



I cried when I found out but pretended to laugh through the tears,

The whole of me grew colder but I had to fight my fears.

If I’m not strong when you are what use am I at all?

Brave face,

Stand in place,

Come and they will follow.

Dreams are for believers and we weren’t anything if not dreamers.

So turn around with those eyes, pretend microphone and all,

It’s not a matter of distance but who will catch you when you fall.

That sad look when they all went home, the memories of the songs we would sing,

Fighting to hold on to my senses,

What do you buy the boy who has everything?

Running wild imaginations, the things we could invent,

We were our own heroes, nothing said was ever meant.

There’s no replacing who we were or what was to come,

So why now does it feel like the setting of the sun?

There were no demons that could take us, we’d fight them all,

And through the sudden thunder I’d catch you when you’d fall.

So let’s go make believe a new world, these things aren’t forever,

And what does it matter if we’re all worn out if we’re all worn out together?

So growing older wasn’t easier, we both found out that,

And in the end we were different, the mouse and the cat.

But what does it matter if we’ve still got the same song to sing?

And maybe along the way I’ll figure out what to buy the boy who has everything.


© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017