Anyone keeping an eye on my Instagram or Facebook have probably noticed I’ve been out and about a fair bit but that my blog itself hasn’t been updated in quite a while. This sudden blog abandonment is due to my pregnancy. It’s also the reason why I’ve had to drop out of going to some events I had been invited to even though they looked amazing.

I know what you’re thinking “Sure aren’t there plenty of bloggers who’ve blogged their way through pregnancy?”. There have been and fair play to them because I wouldn’t have had the energy. This is my 2nd child and between hospital appointments, collecting the older one from school and turning into a pregnant puddle in the summer heat I’ve been a gigantic hot mess that usually passes out on the sofa watching Netflix by 4pm.



I had great notions of being very productive blog wise when I first found out I was pregnant but then morning sickness kicked in and the first couple of months were spent testing every food tentatively to see what I could actually keep down.

As the weeks progressed away went any idea I had of doing cute photos in maternity clothes and posting about what healthy snacks I was tucking into or where have the best baby product sales. Instead most days were spent crying because not even my loosest clothes fitted anymore and I couldn’t get out to any sales because I kept fainting if the temperature went over 16 degrees.

This pregnancy has been ten times easier than my first but I still wake up most mornings like a mangled cat with about as much energy to move as a flat battery.



My main priority at BloggerConf and Taste Of Dublin was how close was I to the toilets at all times and how much could I actually hydrate myself before I was bursting again. During Taste of Dublin I was onstage for all of Neven Maguire’s 3 course meal workshop praying that I wasn’t going to need to dash off the stage and take half the table wear with me.

Being invited to anything that’s happening after 6pm is basically a no go as the burst of energy I get in the afternoon as well and truly dispersed by then.

Attempting to look half decent for any event I can make it along to takes hours of prep and is usually just me wearing a loose dress and some concealer.



I get every event I’ve attended up on social media but it makes me feel rubbish when I can’t get the posts I want to write up on my blog. To any event organisers who’ve kindly brought me along to anything this year, thank you so much, I really appreciate it and have enjoyed every one of them and will work on showing the love more in blog form.

In the mean time if anyone is looking for me you can find me melting in my sitting room with a hand held fan and whatever ice pop I’ve managed to sneak passed my 5 year old.

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