At 25 weeks pregnant and edging ever closer to my 3rd trimester I’m finally starting to feel more like myself again and less of the pajama confined wreck I was in my 1st trimester. After a lot of work on my dried out skin (see previous post) the time had come to do something about my abandoned tresses.

I was on bed rest for the first couple of months of pregnancy so how my hair looked was the last thing on my mind meaning that when I stepped into Davey Davey this month I have several inches of roots showing, what was left of my previous colour was now faded beyond recognition and the condition of the hair itself was fairly limp and lackluster.

In short my stylist well and truly had their work cut out for them.


I had my hair coloured with a rich auburn shade from the Natulique range which is natural, organic hair care containing zero ammonia.

My hair also lots a couple of inches of length and was conditioned and blow dried.

The result:



Super shiny, glossy hair, vibrant in colour and silky smooth in texture.

The condition of the hair makes it so much easier to deal with in the morning and the fresh colour compliments my skin tone and makes me look my energetic and youthful (even on the days I may not necessarily feel it).

Thanks to Fiona for taking the time to work on my mane and Davey Davey Dublin for having me in.

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