I love a good latte, and with all the new trendy coffee crazes that there’s been lately there seems to be no end in choice whether you like your coffee sweet or bitter.

For a lot of veteran coffee drinkers though nothing beats a good old black coffee but asking for your coffee black now could mean receiving something very different.

That’s because the new hot trend in lattes is the charcoal latte.

Spotted in the US and UK these funky new lattes have not crossed our boarders yet but I’ve no doubt that they’ll be heading across to us soon.

Made using activated charcoal these lattes are blowing up Instagram and Snapchat and are looking to be the new ‘must be seen with’ beverage.

Though some believe charcoal to have great health benefits my main concern is what these lattes are going to taste like. I personally never looked at a charcoal stick in art class and thought ‘hmm that looks tasty’, but hey you never know, I’ll just have to wait till they land and find out.


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