If like me you were the kid who was always nodding off down the back of class, well straighten up because this is one class that you’ll want to pay attention in.

The news has reached my ears that there is now a gin school open here in Ireland, and I’ve  got my pencils sharpened and highlighters at the ready.

In conjunction with the launch of a new premium gin, Listoke 1777, a gin school is opening up and will be held in a fabulous, purpose-built distillery in Co. Louth.

Listoke Gin School offers unique experiences such as the history of gin, the secrets behind the booze and (the best one in my opinion)  making your own bespoke bottle.


You will also be able to tour the new distillery and of course G&Ts will be served throughout the day in case all that school work exhausts you.

James McKenna, Sales and Marketing Director for Listoke Distillery, said, “Having recently returned to Ireland after 18 years working in the bar industry in New York, I was struck by the interest in gin, and saw the opportunity to recapture Ireland’s heritage of spirit production.”

Field trip anyone?


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