This is not a drill, a repeat this is not a drill, unicorn lattes are here and they’ve just been spotted in Dublin.

The funky new trend that originated in New York, has swept it’s way across the ocean, all the way to the Emerald Isle and I couldn’t be more excited.

These quirky blue unicorn lattes are made with a combination of ginger, lemon, coconut milk,honey, and then brightly-coloured using algae to create the desired shade of blue.

Pic :Cracked Nut Instagram

If you fancy trying one yourself, you now can, as Cracked Nut in Dublin will whip up you one of these fantastic, fantasy lattes.

Not only do they look amazing but they are also caffeine free and full of nutrients. Yes that’s right it’s super healthy and totally Instagramable. They’re also a great way to treat yourself during pregnancy or when breast feeding and you’re off the caffeine.

Located on Camden Street, Cracked Nut is great for tasty treats with an invigorating hit.

Definitely my next stop for a meet up with the girls.

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