When I wrote that title I wondered afterwards if people would think I meant a cake made from kids. I would just like to clarify that none of the cakes at Accents are made from children. Now that we have that out of the way I’ll get to the point and give you the 411 on all the tasty treats and electric atmosphere that Accents Tea & Coffee Lounge provides.



I first stepped into Accents during Dublin Fashion Festival 2016 even though I must have walked passed it a million times. This I blame on my native Dubliner instinct to head to my usual coffee spots time and time again, and while I love the tried and tested I also love finding somewhere new to kick off my boots (I don’t actually remove my shoes, that would be unhygienic in an eating establishment).

Since then I’ve brought my son a few times as they do great hot chocolate and what 4 year old doesn’t love chocolate? So over the weekend we decided to hit up our new favourite spot for some serious chocolate binging and we were not disappointed.

Those on a diet may want to look away now.


We both indulged ourselves in white hot chocolate, with my son pairing his with a chocolate brownie and me picking up a peanut butter slice with mine.

I usually get a take away hot chocolate so I was pleasantly surprised to see we got to mix in our own white chocolate so that our hot beverage was to our liking. Of course this needed explaining to my son who assumed that they were just a bowl of white buttons.

He got the hang of it soon enough and was soon stirring like a champ. (give it a sec to go into focus)



It can be difficult to find a cafe that is suitable for small children but between it’s selection of food, bean bags and wide variety of board games, there’s plenty to keep the kids content.

Everything was absolutely delish, which is proved by the fact that Accents are always packed to the rafters. We were both stuffed afterwards and had to walk off some of the chocolate by dropping into The Rage for some record and game shopping.

I would highly recommend Accents to anyone, but particularly parents, looking for reasonably priced, freshly made food with a fantastic family friendly atmosphere.


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