90s fashion is back in a big way making me wish I had kept more of my plastic backpacks and tinted sunglasses but one thing I did manage to keep quite a bit of from the decade was toys.

I’m not going to lie I did not keep these things because I thought wouldn’t it be nice for my kid to have some day, nop I kept them for me but now that I do have a child I’m glad I found it hard to give them away as I get to watch them being loved and enjoyed all over again.

There are so many other great toys that I wish I still had (don’t we all?) but I managed to save these ten items and a few more not listed for my kid and I to bond over.

GameBoy Colour


As an introvert the GameBoy Colour was the gift that just kept on giving.

I took mine absolutely everywhere with me and got the head eaten off me many a school night for getting caught playing it under the duvet with a torch, no back light the struggle was real.

I’ve been down to the RAGE a few times to re stock on games so that I can pass on the tradition of yelling at the kid staying up after bedtime with no back light.



My child’s current big obsession is Transformers and well he didn’t lick it off the stones.

I loved and still love gadgets and Transformers were the ultimate clever toy transforming from robot to rocket and some of them even into complete playset cities.

Most of the ones I managed to hang onto are the little bitty ones so I’m well jazzed that my kid has the larger scale ones. He just got gifted the one that turns into a cassette tape player, psyched.

Polly Pocket Cinderella Castle


I’m really surprised I still have this as I’ve no idea what became of the rest of my Polly Pocket collection as it was vast. Polly Pocket was my favourite toy (again clever gadget type toy).

If you clicked a button the whole castle lit up so I used to use it as a night light.

This castle fascinates my kid and was the first toy of mine to be bogarted. Must be all those killer secret passageways.

Fashion Wheel


Many a rainy summer day in a Wexford caravan was spent creating amazing outfits with my fashion wheel.

I really thought I was Coco Chanel when I got this thing fired up, well Coco Chanel if she had a passion for huge shoulder pads and zebra print, the stencil options were anything but subtle.

I’ve got a crafty child so I can’t wait to root this out of the press and get the family fashion business going.



This was the first game console I ever owned and was a hand me down from an older relative who had gotten the upgraded version.

There was no frustration as a small child like that fire that used to leap about the place in Bowser’s gaff or that laughing dog in duck hunt.

I married a man who owns a Sega Megadrive so my kid is spoiled for choice when it comes to retro gaming consoles.



My childhood is a blur of playing Crash Bandicoot and Xena Warrior Princess and it’s all thanks to this bad boy.

Not only fantastic for gaming just stick in the VengaBoys and let the Playstation’s graphics get the party started.

My kid has not gotten near this yet because I haven’t found a copy of the Rugrats game yet and I want him to experience the terror that is the ghost level first hand.

Pokemon Collection


Like any self respecting child of the 90s I had Pokemon everything and hashtag no shame.

Cards, stickers, Pokedex, GameBoy games, watch, those heavy gold cards in the Pokeball you could collect from Burger King, you just gotta catch them all.

Due to the resurgence of Pokemon popularity with Pokemon Go my kid is already well aware of the magical world of Pokemon and is addicted to the show and Pokemon cards. In other words success, the younger generation has been infiltrated.



I don’t remember ever conciously collecting Troll dolls or asking for them for Christmas but somehow they found their way into my life and I still accidentally stand and trip over one from time to time.

Like most of the toys here due to the Trolls movie this guys have made a comeback and even have their own make up range at MAC.

My kid thinks these are great craic and to be honest so do I and that’s why I’ve never been able to get rid of them with their mad little heads on them.



With Aqua hit ‘Barbie Girl’ tearing up the airwaves the 90s was the decade that Barbie ruled the school with Totally Hair Barbie becoming the best selling Barbie of all time.

Needless to say I was one of the Barbie girls in a Barbie world and every birthday and Christmas came another doll everything from Bay Watch Barbie to Glitter Hair Barbie to every Disney Princess version of Barbie they could pop out.

At the moment I’d say I have a handful floating around the house including my Bay Watch Barbie (no one puts Bay Watch Barbie in the corner).



Being a city kid these were the only way to travel in the 90s. Sure you could have a bicycle but you had to use that on the road and well have you tried cycling a bike on a road in Dublin?

Nop it was Rollerblades all the way and to be honest I’m not sure why I don’t still use them (yep they still fit) .

Seeing as my kid isn’t that far off being the same show size as me I expect them to get robbed on me any day now.

Did you keep anything up for your children?

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017