The day of my 27th birthday I had someone share me a link to an article on 30 things to do before you’re 30. It was well written with great tips and filled with funny anecdotes but it got me thinking. Why are there so many articles on things to do before you’re 30? When we’re constantly saying that 30 is the new 20 why in the same breath do we consider it the finish line? While we love to read and share inspirational quotes about how life is not a race and how we’re not in competition with each other do we actually believe it or are we just trying to fool ourselves?

I’m not going to lie, up until recently I was always trying to aim to get things done before 30 with no real reason why I considered this the age to aim for. It wasn’t until after my 27th birthday and reading the article I was shared that I realised that I didn’t actually care about getting things done before I was 30, in fact I kinda hated that idea. Why would I want to achieve everything before I’m 30? Do I really want to peak in my 20s? Wouldn’t that make the rest of my life incredibly boring?

So if I didn’t care about getting everything out of the way before I hit the big three O why did I feel so pressured and then it hit me. Like with most of the stress and expectations we put on ourselves I was trying to be the best me I could be before 30 for other people and what I thought other people expected of me.

I don’t know if it’s eldest sibling syndrome or what but the majority of my life I’ve put incredible pressure on myself to accomplish major goals as quickly as possible but the older I get the more I’ve realised that these expectations were making me miserable and spoiling any success I achieved. Every time I accomplished a goal I was straight away thinking but what will I do next? Magazines and online media don’t help this feeling with article after article about where you should be in life when you hit 30. Ever seen a 30 things to do before 30 piece aimed at men?

The truth is that there is no difference between being 29 and being 30. You don’t become a completely different person at the strike of midnight on your last day of being 29 so why do we feel like we are? Your life, believe it or not, is still exactly the same.

Our lives have no schedule or deadline. Not having that perfect job or relationship by 30 is not a sin and we really have to stop beating ourselves up about it. Having goals is great but telling yourself it needs to be done before a certain age is not necessary.

Travel, do something wild with your hair, learn a new skill, go bungee jumping and do you know what, do it in your 30s, hey do it in your 40s. Life doesn’t stop at 29 so why should your dreams? We’re 21st century women and 21st century women have no limits so forget about 30 before 30 and start working on how ever many things you want to do and work them into the rest of your girl boss life.

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017