Janice Dickinson is known for having no filter when it comes to her opinions and recently she clapped back when asked about models like Kendall Jenner saying herself and her sisters aren’t models they’re reality stars and to be honest she’s not wrong. The Kardashian / Jenner clan are reality tv stars and though Kendall has expressed annoyance in the past that other models in the industry don’t take her seriously the fact is she didn’t have to work her way up the ladder like iconic models such as Twiggy, Janice, Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell.

Kendall has all the makings of a model and actually bears a striking resemblance to a young Janice so no one doubts that she can do the job it just seems like nowadays there are more reality stars walking the runway than young girls who’ve been in the industry years.


There are lots of tall pretty girls like Kendall but will they ever walk for Victoria’s Secret? No. Will they ever get a spread in Vogue? No.

Having worked in the modeling world myself I can understand the frustration of the myriad of girls who get looked over because they don’t have the right connections or 1 million followers on Instagram. It’s a world that’s hard to break in to and even harder to make money from and when already incredibly rich girls take a pay cheque off another struggling model to feed their ego it’s easy to see why people like Janice are pissed.

As Tyra Banks has said in the past “You never mess with another girl’s money” and lets face it the likes of the Kardashians could model for free and still drink Moet all day but they’re not the only ones milking reality and online fame to get on runways and in magazines and nor were they the first.

Will the fascination with reality and social media stars fade? Probably. Do you remember anyone who was MySpace famous back in the day? There were lots but the only person I remember coming from MySpace is Lily Allen. Fads come and go that’s the way of things. Back in the early 2000s you couldn’t pick up a magazine without socialites like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie gracing the cover and now that torch has passed to the Kardashian Jenners.

Kylie may remain in the spotlight longer as she started her own company but the limelight loving family will eventually make way for the next group of IT girls.