Sex Pistols and punk music fans are horrified at the news that 5 million worth of the band’s memorabilia is set to be destroyed on the 40th anniversary of their debut single ‘Anarchy in the UK’.

The collection which is in the possession of Joe Corre, son of the band’s late manager Malcolm McLaren , is doomed to flames it seems as Corre has said he will burn the memorabilia in protest to the music industry.

Johnny Rotten has critisted the move and said the pieces should be sold at auction and the proceeds donated to charity.

Included in the collection are The collection, which includes rare recordings, posters and clothes sewn by his mother, designer Vivienne Westwood, is valued at million €5.9 million-€11.8 million.

Any true audiophile will be distraught at the move and with any luck he will change his mind and sell the memorabilia.