On Saturday I was kindly invited along to Blogger Conf through Darragh of Irish Bloggers. It was my first time visiting Blogger Conf and I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited to finally be heading along after hearing great things about the last Blogger Confs.

When I got there I thankfully ran into a couple of familiar faces from Irish Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers Inspire ( #irishblbinspire ) so I felt a little less anxious as I was worried that I wouldn’t know anyone there.

On the way in we were handed our amazing Meagher’s goodie boxes and then went on to tea, chats and lots of snaps.

Popping inside to take our seats I was really surprised to find there were goodie bags on the seats as well as copies of VIP and Stellar magazine! #spoiled

Hosted by James Patrice the day was jammed packed with incredible speakers from various different backgrounds including business owners, RTE and fellow bloggers.

I enjoyed the talks especially those by RTE when it came to developing new media as I’ve worked in film and TV before but never really knew how to go about pitching a show.

The goodie bags were really great and my Paw Paw has not left my bag since as it’s an absolute lifesaver in this harsh weather.

It was extremely well organised and even things like technical difficulties were handled in a very professional manner.

I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in starting to blog or interested in working in media to head along to the next one. There was a wealth of information provided and great opportunities to network.

My goodie bag contents:


 Well done to the entire #BloggerConf team