On Saturday I popped along to my favourite monthly event, Nu.’s Swap Shop!

There was no swap last month and I missed the August one as I was off on my travels around Iceland so I was really excited to head along this month.

I’ve been attending the swaps all year and have picked up some great bits along the way.

I’ve also learned through trial and error how to get the best out of each swap so if you’re interested in venturing along to the next one here are some tips:

  1. Come Prepared- Wear clothes that are easy to throw things over if there isn’t a free bathroom to try clothes on. I usually wear skinny jeans and a vest top. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off are also a good idea as there are always cute shoes at the swaps.
  2. What Cha Packing? The biggest mistake I made heading to the first swap was bringing a shoulder bag instead of a backpack. My arms was killing me bringing my clothes to swap in and bringing my swaps back. Now I bring a big back pack with me. I may look a bit mental walking around with a bag almost the same size as me but it saves my back so I don’t mind looking like a tourist for the luas journey in and back.
  3. Penny For Your Thoughts- There is a check out fee of 2 euro on each item and no card machine so  bring cash. There’s a cash machine just inside the Jervis Shopping Centre entrance beside the luas stop and there should also be one in the Spar on the other side of the luas tracks.
  4. Like or Love?- The first swap I went to I grabbed everything that looked remotely cute but afterwards realised I was only actually gonna wear about half of it. This I like to call ‘Swap Shop Fever’. It’s like when you buy stuff just because it’s on sale but didn’t actually want it. With the swap system it’s cool though because you can just swap it back into the cycle (which I did). Now I’m more tactical. I do a couple of laps looking at stuff and think with each item I pick up ‘How often will I wear this? What will I wear it with?’ If I can’t answer those questions satisfactorily then I put the item back and end up with a few things that I’ll really get the most out of.
  5. Tomorrow Is Another Day, Next Month Is Another Swap- You probably won’t land a winner every swap TBH. With each swap comes different people with different tastes and styles. Some months the right clothes will be there for you and some months not so much. Don’t fret if you lugged in a big bag of clothes though because you can use your swap tokens at the next swap and who knows you might love everything next month.
  6. Bide Your Time- If you land into the swap just as things are kicking off chances are there won’t be a whole lot out on the racks yet as it is a swap so it really depends on lots of people showing up to drop off their swaps. If you’ve got the afternoon free hang around, maybe grab a coffee upstairs and wait for some more stock to come in. The swap can be slow to get going so I wouldn’t give up straight away if you haven’t spotted anything. Your outfit might just be fashionably late.14642351_1271278019600946_854477382879857762_n

Now on to what I picked up at this month’s swap! If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably have seen the items I’ve picked up at the previous swaps. This month I remembered I have a dress making mannequin so the pictures will hopefully be of a better standard.

I love green and cosy casuals so I was really happy to find these bits. The hoodie was actually the first thing I picked up. The vest top and cardigan make a great combination. The cardigan also has pretty floral detailing on the end.

I really love the floral embroidered top. My Great Grandfather was part of the Native American Sioux tribe so it’s like a little bit of traditional design but on a modern garment. The wool coat was an absolute steal, it’s so warm and hooded too, I also picked up the scarf at the swap. The little top is perfect for that ‘nice top and jeans’ combination.

I’ve been on the lookout for a long sleeved black top so I gave a little internal squeal when I spotted this. It’s made with really great material too so it was great value. At the first Nu. swap I picked up a Topshop leather jacket so this one I actually picked up for my husband. It’s real leather and from Duffer. He’s wanted a leather jacket for ages but he’s really broad across the shoulders and has had a hard time finding one that fitted. I figured with it only being 2 euro it couldn’t hurt to pick it up and if it didn’t fit him I could bring it back to the next swap. Good news is it fit like a dream so now we both own Nu. leather jackets! The fluffy black jumper I grabbed on the way to the check out because how can you ever go wrong with a fluffy black jumper?

Keep an eye out on Nu’s Facebook page for their next swap