I’ve been sick for over a month and got to thinking that it was the common cold from hell. I went away last weekend for my hen party and suddenly felt miles better  but when I returned to Dublin I immediately fell ill again and I mean immediately.

I got out of the train station and my throat started to swell and my nose was running like a tap. It was then I realised it wasn’t a cold but hayfever.

I had taken medication for hayfever when I was a kid but I’d let it fall by the wayside in my teens. This year is the first time in a long time that my allergies have knocked me on my ass like this. THE HAYFEVER IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!

While hay fever on it’s on is fairly easy to manage, no prescription needed for medication and pollen count info readily available online, paired with my asthma it becomes a disaster. An ASTH-MA DIS-AS-TAH! (had to do it).

When you’ve already got limp lungs anything else blocking your ability to breathe becomes an issue very quickly. My nose is usually the first things to swell and block so even eating becomes exhausting as I kinda have to hold my breath to do it. Walking tires me out now even though I would walk at least 2 miles everyday, and running lol that’s just not happening. The restricted amount of oxygen also makes me very sleepy. Not a person who generally enjoys naps at the moment I’m lucky to be found not napping.

To summarize at the moment I’m a walking wreck, when I manage to walk 😛

For more information on hay fever visit Allergy Ireland