I’ve always had extremely fair, transparent eyebrows which was fine in the early 2000s when everyone wanted pencil thin eyebrows but nowadays people like to actually be able to see your eyebrows. Being a fairly low maintenance girl this became a problem. I don’t wear a full face of make up every day but I would have to take the time to shape and draw on my eyebrows every morning if I didn’t want to leave the house looking like Mona Lisa.

Back at the start of the month I was contacted by Permanent Make Up Technician Olena Oliynyk about trying out permanent ombre eyebrows and if memory serves I said yes immediately. Don’t get me wrong when it got closer to my appointment and a realised I was going to have my face tattooed I was nervous. I’ve never had a tattoo so having my first one done to my face was quite scary. Even heading in the day of my appointment I was still worried, not so much about whether it would hurt or not but more if something went wrong  that I would be stuck with them forever like that.


This is what my eyebrows looked like before my appointment. If you’re wondering where they are or what you’re supposed to be looking for you can understand why I dived on the chance to have permanent eyebrows.

To start off my review I will say that this is a form of tattooing. You will be asked to sign a contract to say you are fit and well and you should be completely honest with your technician about any illnesses or allergies. Don’t by any means have a stiff drink to calm your nerves beforehand because your technician will not be able to perform on you if you are under the influence of alcohol. 


The most flattering angle in the world. This was me after one eyebrow had been done.

Your technician will draw on your eyebrows in a dark colour ,even if you will have fair eyebrows by the end. This is so simply that can see what they are doing and make sure you get the correct shape for your face. The lighter eyebrow is the finished one. For a first tattoo it wasn’t too sore and Olena numbed the area after the first part so that for the rest of the session it was barely noticeable that there was a needle on my face. I almost fell asleep at one point that’s how little I could feel.

This was the finished result! I was really pleased. I finally have eyebrows 😛

The colour here is pretty bright but even since having them done the colour has softened to give a more natural finished look.

After care:

Olena gave me Fougera ointment to clean my eyebrows and to get rid of any excess colour and  help them heal. She also recommended washing my hands regularly during the healing process so if I touch my eyebrows I don’t put any bacteria on them.

My Recommendation:

Put a fresh pillow case on the pillow you intend to sleep on after having the procedure to further protect against bacterial infection.

I would highly recommend Olena (who is based in Dublin and Carrick On Shannon). I have had people in person and online ask me where I had my eyebrows done and I find it a real confidence booster 🙂

*I was invited by Olena free of charge to try this treatment but all views expressed are my own.  Please research any tattoo practitioner before having it done. Olena is a trained professional whom I researched and trusted prior to treatment as no form of permanent treatment should be gone into lightly. *

For more information please visit Olena’s website