Last week I was invited to attend a Pamela Scott event by Julie of StyleFish hosted at The Casting Coach in Dublin.

During the night we had bubbly, snacks and lots of girly chats as we were introduced to the new labels available at Pamela Scott as well as being asked our opinions on what we think makes for a good shopping experience.

Out of the pieces that were on display that night these two were my favourite and definitely something I would wear.


I have to be honest and say I had never personally bought anything in Pamela Scott before that night. Only recently going from broke student to full time employment I still forget sometimes that Pamela Scott and shops like it are no longer out of reach budget wise anymore and seeing the pieces they currently have in stock made me interested in popping in to one of their stores. Like most people I have learned the lesson of the false economy when it comes to clothes. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bargain if it’s ruined the first time you wash it and constantly needs replacing so I’ve strapped on my big girl boots ( 60 euro in H&M) and have started buying quality over quantity.

After the talks were over we were all generously treated to a 50 euro voucher for Pamela Scott!

Now anyone who has been following me since I started my blog knows I’m a very thrifty shopper and my trip to the Pamela Scott store on Grafton St did not disappoint!

Screenshot from 2016-03-03 20:28:11

You know you’re still green when you put on dresses like this and think

“Oh! I look like a grown up!” thus proving you’re anything but a grown up.

I guess the actual grown up terms to use would be to say they made me look sophisticated and classy and were pieces you could wear to multiple events especially the black and dark blue number.

The grey dress with embellishments was 30 euro on sale and the black dress with dark blue sash (which ties into a bow at the back) was 33 euro on sale so with my voucher in tow I picked up 2 dresses from the Closet range for 13 euro!

I did try on a third dress but could not get into it all the way to take a picture as it was a strange sort of stretchy material and the bit of me that did get in didn’t look the Mae West so that was put back on the hanger.

The selection in the sale basement in Grafton st is fantastic and I had to stop myself from buying more and can safely say I’ve been converted and will be shopping at Pamela Scott again.

The dresses I bought fit fantastically and you can feel the quality in the material they’re made out of. I can see them being staple parts of my wardrobe for years to come.

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