Every week I’ll be picking fashion finds that have popped up in my Facebook homefeed.

If you’ve spotted anything fantastic on Facebook please feel free to share in the comments or on on my Facebook page MeliseAmour


To start………

This incredible jumpsuit!

With the 70s back with a vengeance jumpsuits are hitting up the high street and online stores in a big way.  They’re great for showing off your figure with out flashing a lot of skin and with a killer pair of heels will make your legs look like they go on for days.


This amazing model from Mutiny Kids.

I really want to re create this for look for myself. With the weather we’ve had this February 90s grunge layers are a great way of keeping warm and snazzy at the same time.


And OMG the best for last!

Model Crissy Barker ladies and gentlemen absolutely slaying it! That coat, those leggins, those boots! You may think that she just stepped off the runway at London Fashion Week but Crissy is actually heading to a friend’s birthday party! Life’s too short to be boring. Crissy and her twin sister have long been fashion inspirations to me. I bow down to you m’ladies.

For more funky fashion pop back next week for some fantastic homefeed fashion finds!