It won’t happen overnight

Getting followers and making a name for yourself as a blogger will not happen overnight. Yes you might see that girl who has only had her blog a couple of months but already has 12,000 Facebook likes but that usually comes with a lot of work, good content and painstakingly edited vlogs. Blogging about something should be a pursuit of passion. If it’s for a quick road to fame you may be sorely disappointed.

Freebies are not a given

It’s a great feeling to be invited to an event or to be sent a product in the post but again it comes to those who wait ….and work . The bloggers I know who get invited to the best events have been running their blogs for several years and are constantly updating their content. What they have they’ve earned. It is also an untruth that everything a blogger posts about has been sent to them for free or is a sponsored post, a lot of us just like to talk about stuff we’ve bought.

Don’t quit your day job

Believe it or not I have actually known people who have quit their jobs to be full time bloggers. Please don’t do that! It is only the 1% of bloggers who get paid to post. Blogging for the majority of bloggers does not pay the bills. Even successful blogger Minnie Melange works a full time job along with her writing en devours.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Yes you might see other bloggers being sent blogger mail or getting to go to fabulous event while you enviously peruse their Instagram at home with your cuppa and there’s a very easy way to rectify that, stop looking at them and concentrate on you. No matter what you do in life comparing yourself to how others are doing will ultimately make you miserable. Social Media is like a photo album. Nobody puts the bad photos in the photo album and nobody puts the photos of the days they’re stressed or sad on Instagram. There’s probably someone wishing they had what you have and you don’t even realise it.

Go Forth With Love

You should blog what you’re passionate about and what you love. From writing for websites I’ve learned the hard way that writing about things you have no interest in is extremely difficult. Don’t try to write what you think other people want to read. Write what you love and the followers will come to you.