A lot of people have asked me in the past what are my secrets to looking stylish and to be honest I don’t have any because sometimes (like everyone) I slack around the house with my hair tossed up in a scrunchie wearing my Star Wars jammies and dropping my kid to school in the morning is usually whatever jumper is closest to hand and jeans.

Saying that most days I prissy myself up but even that is fairly effortless. For someone obsessed with fashion and cosmetics I’m incredible low maintenance. Between experience and reading many interviews in French and Italian Vogue here are some tips to get away with looking stylish with minimal effort.


Start From The Bottom Up


The concession from just about every Italian woman I’ve ever met is that the first thing a person will judge your style by is what is on your feet. To paraphrase Mireille Guiliano , you can wear the most amazing outfit but if you team it up with old sneakers it’s no bueno! Investing in your feet is a good idea not just for fashion but for comfort. While picking up a pair of slip ons you found on sale in Penneys might seem like a bargain (I don’t know how many times I’ve done this) it’s always a false economy. Last year I decided to do the right thing and acquire a pair of real leather ankle boots (from H&M  60). They are incredibly comfortable and can be thrown on with almost anything.

Photo from www.shoespie.com


Fit In


Another lesson well learned is to wear clothes that fit. Back before chain high street stores people had their clothes tailored and to this day those who dare to be dapper still do. I fell into the trap that most of us have of buying things that don’t fit because they’re on sale or have kept things I’ve bought online that don’t fit because ‘ugh effort of posting them back’. I would always say that I would have them taken in or convince myself that I liked the baggy look. Truth is I do not suit the baggy look. I’m petite vertically and horizontally. Wearing a well fitted jacket or trousers make a huge difference and add subtle notes of sophistication to your attire.

Photo from www.asos.com

In The Black


The biggest fashion favourite of all time is black. It’s slimming, it’s striking and makes you look confident. Basically black is the boss colour of the fashion industry. Want people to take you more seriously? Wear black. Want to look more chic? Wear black. Want to look in control? Wear black. It is everything you need to survive and an all black wardrobe never goes out of style. Would you just look at the girl in the picture. Divine!

Photo from thesoundoffashion.ie

Block It


In a similar vain to all black, block colouring gives the impression of a strategically thought out outfit with none of the effort. It also is a great look if like me you’re vertically challenged as it gives the illusion of height. Keeping most of your outfit in the one colour accessorized  with black or prints is incredibly sleek and classy.

Photo from www.mirror.co.uk

Make A Statement


Anyone who knows me knows I love my statement pieces of clothing. Whether it’s a bold structured coat or an oversized fur scarf, I’m all about the accessories! The right statement piece can take your outfit from basic to show stopping and is probably my favourite lazy girl go to when it comes to looking trendy.

Photo from Pinterest.com

If you have any questions or suggestions on what you think my next piece should be you can comment below or any of my social media by searching MeliseAmour 🙂