So after getting engaged in 2014 the year of my wedding has finally arrived.

Almost everything wedding wise has been checked off the to do list but the very first thing I checked off was the dress.

Having worked in the fashion industry since 2010 I’ve gotten to make a lot of friends in possession of fabulous garments and one such friend was the one who introduced me to my wedding dress.

My friend Daniela was moving from Ireland to Berlin and having worked as a model since she exited the womb had stashes of outfits and accessories that she needed to cull before she left her Dublin apartment.

She had posted all of the items she was selling online and one item was an incredible Dolce & Gabbana wedding gown.

I wasn’t engaged at the time and just admired it from afar but it stuck with me for weeks and every so often I would check to see if it was sold.

Anyone who has met my future husband knows he has no tact or grace whatsoever so when he started asking what ring size I was and constantly examining my fingers I knew he was shopping for engagement rings.

When I realised this I checked once more to see if the dress had been sold. To my relief it hadn’t and I contacted Daniela about a price. I had had a quick browse online to see what other people were selling similar D&G gowns for and it was anywhere from a few hundred for simple non bridal dresses to a few thousand for the full princess wedding gown and my budget itself is only a couple of thousand so I waited on bated breath for her response.

She replied that she was selling it for less than she knew it would be worth because she was moving soon and needed to shift it because there was no way she was hauling a huge wedding gown to Germany. She had it posted on one website for a few hundred but said she would sell it to me for less.

All I had to do now was try it on and see if it really lived up to how I was envisioning it.

I knew it would be too big on me to begin with but most wedding gowns need to be altered for size and height anyway so that didn’t bother me, for me it was all about the shape and the colour.

I’m naturally very pale and I’ve never been able to wear white, even my communion dress needed to be ivory as the white dresses made me look like a little ghost.

The colour was absolutely perfect. The top half was ivory and the bottom half had a very subtle blush pink tint to it. The shape was fantastic and suited my petite but curvy figure. The skirt was a little long for me but nothing a little hem and some high heels couldn’t fix.

I love 1950s fashion and standing in front of the mirror I felt like Grace Kelly.

So that was that I had to have it and it ended up costing me less than 100.

It was one of those moments where I felt like the stars had aligned and the universe was giving me a major dig out. Little broke me never thought in a million years I would be wearing a designer dress down the aisle.

Now the image featured here is not my dress, I’m keeping it to  myself until all the alterations have been made and it’s ready for unveiling. And when when the time arrives nobody can say this :


Will keep you posted on the rest of my wedding planning deets 🙂