1. Do you remember your first makeup item?  It was from one of the Sabrina magazines and was a silver cream eyeshadow. I loved it and thought it made me look really cool (it was the 90s and having silver eyes were all the rage) but unfortunately it made my eyes sore and red so it had to be binned 😦


2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? 

Currently I’m loving Isadora’s mascara. I’m not crazy about the comb like brush but the mascara itself gives me really long eyelashes and that’s saying something as my eyelashes are short and blonde.

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?

I like really light foundation. A lot of the time I’ll just pop on some concealer around my eyes and forgo wearing foundation at all. I have sensitive skin so I don’t like anything heavy.

4. Favorite high end brand? Laura Mercier.

5. What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?  Anastasia Beverly Hills

6. Favorite drugstore brand? Sleek.

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7. Do you wear fake eyelashes? Not unless it’s a special occasion or a photoshoot and when I do I wear individual not strip as I find them really uncomfortable.

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? Eyebrow pencil. I have blonde eyebrows so if I don’t fill them in it looks as if I don’t have eyebrows.

9. What is your most cherised beauty product? My Kubiss concealer and Wet N Wild eyebrow pencil in blonde.

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there or get lots of goodies at once? I used to shop for make up quite frequently but I’ve been lucky to attend a number of product launches this year and received some great products for free so in the last few months I’ve only picked up one or two things that I really needed.

11. Do you have a “beauty budget” or you spend freely?  I always stick to a budget. I prefer quality over quantity. A few good bits of make up is a lot better than loads of sub par make up that you’ll probably never wear and will clog up your make up bag.

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12. Do you utilize coupons, rewards cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics? Yes. I love Boots’ No.7 vouchers!

13. What type of product do you buy the most of? Probably lip products. I’d say most of my make up drawer is filled with lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses.

14. Is there a brand that you absolutely can’t stand? Not really but I do think some brands are over hyped for what you actually get.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulfates? I work in pharmaceuticals so I always check the ingredients before I buy. I get put off by a product (a) having way too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce (and I have to write out words like Dexketoprofen on a regular basis) and (b) not stating if it was tested on animals or not.

16. Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup? Boots or if I’m feeling (or more to the point looking) fancy Brown Thomas.

17. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine? I like to keep to a routine to avoid break outs. I have really pale skin so I use No.7’s early defence day cream with UV protection and Garnier’s spray on clear sun cream during the day and apply a light layer of Vitamin E oil to my skin before bed.

18. Favorite bath and body brand? Lush, The Body Shop and Pixy.

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19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?  Sleek.

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging? Benefit. It’s really cute and clever.

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup? Emma Watson.

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities? Several including Irish BLB Inspire and Into The West Blogger Network.

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23. 5 Favorite Beauty Gurus : Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge

24. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? Yes I own all the Benetints, they’re really handy.

25. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? Not if I stick to what I know but my smokey eye has seen better days.

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes? No.

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day? I have really curly hair so I’d use a serum or hair spray on a daily basis.

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation? Concealer.

29. Do you ever consider taking makeup classes? I’ve taken some before at The International Make Up Academy and found them really useful.


30. What do you love about makeup? The artistry of it. I don’t wear make up everyday but when I do I like it to be dramatic.