1. The meaning behind my URL: When I was pregnant and didn’t know what gender the baby was the girl’s name we had picked out was Lydia. My boyfriend said “Do you think because her surname will be Moore that people will think her name is Lydi Amour?” “My name ends with an A so do you think when we’re married people will assume my name is Melise Amour?” And thus my blog name was born! Before Melise Amour I had a Tumblr account called Vertically Challenged. (It still exists I just don’t go on Tumblr much anymore).
  2. Biggest weakness: I’m too quick to put myself down. I’m the worst for looking around at what other people are doing and thinking “Why amn’t I where they are in my life yet? I must be doing something wrong”.
  3. Biggest strength: I’m optimistic. While I might sometimes get myself down but it quickly turns into “Ok so if I’m not happy with my life right now what can I do to change that?” I also tend to be the one my friends turn too when they need a pick me up.
  4. Piercings: Just my ears.
  5. Favourite Band: I’m big into music so this is really hard. Classic band would have to be Fleetwood Mac. Modern band probably Kodaline.
  6. Last dream I had: The last one I can properly remember was that my Dad had bought a new house that had a really creepy vibe to it. As I walked around it I kept finding all these hidden staircases and eventually I happened upon one that was pad locked shut and was I got close to it could hear something moving around on the other side. It was a shudder fest of a dream.
  7. Phobia: I don’t like small spaces or crowded spaces. Makes me feel like I’m being smothered.
  8. Favourite Movie: Another really hard one, I watch a lot of movies. If I can only pick one I’ll go with Bram Stoker’s Dracula but really for this I’d have to do my own top 50 or something (blog post idea).
  9. Colour of my Hair: I haven’t put a dye in my hair since 2013 so it’s my natural colour at the moment. It’s that very Irish sandy sort of colour that’s a little bit blonde, red and brown. I was blonde as a child and now it’s blonde in the summer and more chestnut in the colder months.
  10. Favourite model: Cara Delevingne
  11. Favourite flowers: Tulips
  12. Cat or Dog: Probably dog. I’d love a little Corgi someday.
  13. Favourite Holiday: A family holiday we had to Berlin in late 2013. Hoping to go back this Summer 🙂
  14. Lucky Number: 9
  15.  My Name: Melissa Maria Carton
  16. Piercings I want: I’m ok with just having my ears done.
  17. The last thing I ate: It was a giant white chocolate and cranberry cookie from Lidl.
  18. Going somewhere remote and star gazing
  19. 5 Things I Hate : Rudeness, Unfairness, Bitchiness, Disloyalty & having to use Dublin Bus (never on time).
  20. 5 Things I love: Days off, sitting in with friends, travelling (but not by Dublin Bus), sales & family.
  21. Random Fact: I studied Forensic Science
  22. Favourite item of Jewellery: My Opal engagement ring
  23. Favourite body feature: My eyes
  24. Tattoos I want: I will probably never get a tattoo but if I was I’d get huge angel wings across my back.
  25. Favourite blogs: The Rock N Roll Bride & Lovely Girlie Bits
  26. What I love about myself : I’m a positive, caring , stylish, adventerous person.
  27. What I hate about myself: That I let myself get hung up on small things/ get in my head too much
  28. Favourite Book: Oh how do I even choose?! This is the hardest one yet! Ok I can’t pick just one so I’m gonna break it up like the music one and cheat. Favourite classic books : Wuthering Heights & The Woman In White. Favourite Shakespeare: A Midsummer’s Nights Dream & MacBeth. Favourite Comtemporary books: The Body & The Book of Lost Things. Favourite Biography/ Auto Biography : Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) (Mindy Kaling) & Last Night At The Viper Room (River Phoenix).
  29. Sweet or salted popcorn: I like toffee but I think I like salted more so I’m gonna go with salted.
  30. Someone I miss: My Grandmother. We were incredibly close, I lived with her until I was 18 and even after I moved out with talked everyone day either over the phone or in person. I’m particularly going to miss her on my wedding day as she was always looking forward to the day I got married. It’s already hard planning everything without her.