So on Sunday I attended my first ever Into The West Blogger Network event in Galway and it was a fantastic experience.

The hotel was gorgeous, the food was delicious, the speakers were amazing and the other bloggers were incredibly friendly.

I headed down from Dublin on Sunday morning on the GoBus which gave all the attendees a discount.

There were some fantastic vendors and I picked up a couple of goodies from Cotton Face Vintage.

I also got to break out my new business cards 🙂

Here’s some snaps that I took. You can see more on my Instagram!

Screenshot from 2015-05-12 17-26-01 Screenshot from 2015-05-12 17-25-35

My goodie bag complete with name tag and our delicious food

Screenshot from 2015-05-12 17-26-29 Screenshot from 2015-05-12 17-26-47

One of the speakers Sinead (Minnie Melange) and the contents of my goodie bag!

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