I’m getting married next year and up until I was proposed to I had always assumed that I would change my surname to my husband’s last name but now that the wedding is getting closer I’m not so sure.

I’ve got a lot tied up in my maiden name. It’s what I’m known as in my field of work. Everyone where I grew up knows me by it. It’s my connection to my family and something that I’m very proud of. It’s also a relatively uncommon surname so it’s never a case of being mistaken for someone else. It’s distinctive and unique to me.

Some people will begin to refer to me by my husband’s surname after marriage that’s a given. I already get some post under his surname. It’s also my son’s surname so I don’t mind in some ways changing my surname because it would make us all more uniform. We’d be the ‘X Family’ not the ‘X&Y Family’.

There’s also the hassle involved in officially changing it. My passport, my bank account etc….

It’s definitely something I’m going to have to think about.

Have any of you been married and changed your surname or did you keep your own?