After hearing about the passing of Cancer Campaigner and Blogger Sabrina Ryan aged only 32 it’s got me thinking about my life. A couple of months ago I read Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. It focuses in on how medicine has it’s limits and how important services like hospice nursing is in helping people with terminal illnesses continue to live in dignity until their final moments. He wrote a lot about young people like Sabrina and a few times I had to put the book down and cry because these are people in my peer group. People who should have many more years ahead of them. Reading it made me want to change how I live my life.

Sabrina was in her 20s when she was diagnosed with cancer. I’m in my 20s. What if I took ill? Have I made every day count?

It’s so easy to get bogged down by the little things and not see the bigger picture. To only ever think about ‘down the road’ instead of the ‘here and now’. I look back on times when I forced myself to work jobs I hated becuase, oh well it pays doesn’t it? But what if the worst were to of happened and suddenly that was it, time up, how much would I have hated myself? I’ll tell ya, a lot!

So I pretty much don’t do that anymore.

I don’t take jobs I know aren’t going to go anywhere.

I don’t waste my energy on negative people or time wasters.

I make sure to meet up with friends once or twice a week.

I take risks career wise, even if they terrify me.

I’m finally taking those piano lessons I’ve been saying I’d do for years.

I’m back singing in a choir after all the years of saying I just didn’t have the time.

I’m networking and going to blogger events and meeting new people.

I travel more.

I’m no longer putting things on the back burner.

I’m no longer saying ‘I can’t afford that because I might need my money for a rainy day’.

I make sure to tell my boyfriend and son that I love them everyday.

We’re not born knowing how long we have, each day has to be spent wisely. Having a duvet day after an exhausting week is fine every once in awhile but memories are waiting to be made and your nice clothes are waiting to be worn. Life is waiting to be lived! Don’t waste it. Experience as much as you can. Be with the people you love. Wear those crazy shoes you adore but think they don’t go with anything because they actually go with everything if you let them. Appreciate your health and the freedom it gives you. Be grateful for what you have. Live in the moment forget about down the road. Today is everything!

Love everyday and they’ll love you right back!

Thoughts and prayers to the family of Sabrina Ryan