1. Know what the bride would like. 
Everyone automatically goes for a pub crawl / club night and sometimes it really doesn’t suit the bride especially if she’s not a big drinker. There are lots of fun activities like zip lining if she’s sporty, crafty things like hat making if she’s arty or even a pamper day at a spa if she wants to feel like a princess.
2. Try to fit in everyone’s budget.
While going to Paris for a big shopping trip might sound great on paper not everyone who would like to go to the hen party is going to be able to afford it. Why not opt for booking a room and making it a theme party and decorating the place like the bride’s favourite or dream destination that way you get the feel of the location but not the price tag.
Screenshot from 2015-04-20 16-36-44 Where we’re going we don’t need planes
3. Big up the sentiment.
This is her last big night out before she becomes a Mrs so break out the memories and cheesy girly goodness. Why not get some t-shirts with photos of when you were teens in school or broke college students or best of all your worst fashion disasters. Get ready listening to your favourite tunes and maybe, for old times, break out the blue WKD.
1928750_48351838481_5602_n Myself and one of my bridesmaids in 2008

4. Dress for your hen party not everyone else’s.

Just because it’s almost tradition at this stage to wear head boppers or bunny ears and throw an L plate on the bride doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re having a glamourous cocktail style hens or a vintage tea party forgo the flashing head accessories and go for something that works with your theme.

Screenshot from 2015-04-20 16-43-52 From the hen planner

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

So much planning and stress can go into these kind of events that we almost forget that they’re a night out to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Try to avoid drama and remember you’re all sisters and are out to celebrate a huge occasion in the bride to be’s life so keep calm and party on!

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