Sleek Makeup has been slowly inching it’s way into Ireland but tonight they had their official launch party!

It was a laid back affair held at The Dean Hotel by Publicity Loft with snacks and drinks.

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There was product everywhere, including my hands. That Matte me lipgloss is really long lasting. I tried some on my hand last night and I’m still trying to wash it off!

Everyone was sent home with a box of goodies and I nearly dropped when I opened mine. Wanna see?

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From nosing on instagram I know all the bloggers received different products so I’m surprised and delighted that the contents of this box seem almost tailor made for my colouring. I was particularly excited about the Brow Perfecter as I’ve seen similar products from different ranges and I’ve been wanting to try one for awhile and it’s the right shade for me, go team! I don’t have the price for it on my Sleek pricelist for 2015 but all their products are under 13 euro so it won’t set your bank balance back too far. I’m also really excited about the i-Quads for 2 reasons :

1. I love gel eyeliner but currently only have one in one of my large Inglot palettes so I can’t carry it easily with me if I’m travelling or going out for the night. This palette is perfect and comes with a mirror and brushes!

2. I recently left my eyeliner brush at a friend’s house.

The Matte Me lipgloss is something I’m going to use a lot as I’m a red lippie girl and it dries on matte and looks amazing.

There’s also another eyeshadow based brow kit (in my colour yay!), their Natural palette and Face Form, again in a light shade that I’ll be able to use on my pale Irish skin.

For more pictures from the event click here

Now if you’ll excuse me I took home a cupcake from the event last night and it’s screaming from the fringe for me to eat it 🙂