In a little over a year (next July) I’m getting married. I’ve spent most of my life organising events so needless to say I’ve got most of it in the bag. This is what I currently have checked off my to do list:


My Wedding Gown

My Brooch Bouquet

My Veil

My Tiara

The Page Boy’s Suit

The Flower Girl’s Dress

The Bridesmaids Dresses

The Bridesmaids Bouquets

Buttonholes for Groomsmen


Reception Venue



Cake Topper

I’ve also been collecting little bits and bobs for my hen party which I mentioned before in a previous post. I’ve been calling this my ‘Hen Bag’. I attend a lot of blogger meets and PR events which usually involve goodie bags. I won’t always have a use for some of the products I’ve been given for free so those that I know I’m not going to use I put in my ‘Hen Bag’. Currently I have about 60 – 70 items in my ‘Hen Bag’ which will be distributed into the goodie bags for the hen party. I know the bride is usually not involved in much of the hen preparations but there’s no point in letting good, unopened products go to waste just sitting in my wardrobe when they could have a lovely new home and be used. I also like to treat my girls. I might get to go to nice PR events but a lot of my friends work 9-5 and sometimes on weekends and rarely have time to spoil themselves so it’s nice to share my freebies with them 🙂

I have my wedding gown which an Italian model friend of mine kindly donated to me which I mentioned in my first blog post on this wordpress. My future mother in law is helping me alter it to fit my style. Even though I have my gown I still booked a fitting with Dirty Fabulous because they have wonderful accessories including vintage sashes and I think a sash would really suit my dress. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t have me in as I’m not intending on buying one of their wedding dresses but their staff were very kind and even said I could bring my dress in to try accessories on with. It’s currently in Roscommon so I won’t be able to this time around but I thought it was very sweet of them. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and the right staff at boutiques can make all the difference.

One thing that is a bit niggling at the moment is being able to put the deposit down for our reception venue. I’ve tried to arrange with the manager of the venue to pop up and pay several times but she has a very hectic schedule and has not been able to meet with me yet. It’s not a big thing as we’ve still got a lot of time before the wedding, I just like getting things done and out of the way.

I collected my veil last week from My Perfect Day and would highly recommend them.