Currently I have 3 vintage dresses, all from the 1950s, on their way over to me from the States. These dresses were amazing bargains, most dresses on sites like Etsy dating from the 1950s cost over 100 dollars, but these dresses cost 40 dollars or under each.

The reason they were marked down is because of small cosmetic imperfections but part of my love of vintage is fixing it. I studied fashion and I love making a project out of special pieces.

I also have a couple of vintage pieces in my wardrobe from Shotsy’s closing down sale that I picked up for next to nothing with minor imperfections like needing a new zip which will cost me all of one euro.

I would never buy high street clothes in H&M or Topshop that needed repair because I wouldn’t see the point. If I really wanted the item I’d just look in another of their chain stores for it.

Vintage is something special and something unique.

Over the next few months I’ll be updating my blog with details of my vintage projects so be sure to keep an eye out 🙂