Screenshot from 2015-03-06 12:35:58

Last night Siopaella and Frockadvisor (app) held a charity sale and auction to raise money for Deise Animal Sanctuary.

The event started at 6pm and unfortunately I had to dash off at 6.30pm but from many years of attending events like last night’s I’ve learned how to make the most out of 5 minutes never mind half an hour, sure that’s loads!


As always the staff at Siopaella were amazing and had bubbly for everyone on arrival. I love sparkling wine but have you ever tried to juggle armfuls of clothes and a champagne flute, not my best idea. Oh where did the armfuls of clothes come from you say?…..

Screenshot from 2015-03-06 12:32:17

Yes they had to put up red tape to keep us at bay! All these clothes, everything from Ralph Lauren to Topshop, were a fiver!

Yes you heard me, 5 euros, everything.

Which ended up with me looking like this –>   Screenshot from 2015-03-06 12:31:52

I’ll be doing a follow up post on all the bargains I picked up including the Bart tshirt I’m wearing in the photo. I’m looking slightly a hot mess in the photo as I’d just ran in from college. Looked really dolled up at The Body Shop event on Wednesday, didn’t get photographed, look a hot mess last night, get photographed, always the way 😛

Screenshot from 2015-03-06 12:29:23

Also ran into Brendan Courtney who was one of my co-writers of the ‘You, Me & Everyone You Know’ book to raise money for Reach Out last year.

When I got home I realised one of the security tags was still on a pink dress I’d bought so I’ll have to pop in over the weekend and have it taken off but if that’s the worse thing to happen to me all week I’ll be very happy 🙂

You can download the Frockadvisor app from your Play Store and it’s available for Android and iPhone.