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So you’ve probably figured by now that I live thrifty and my hair is no exception. Over the past 5 or so years I’ve had my hair cut and coloured and each time it’s been free. Now this works if you’re someone who is open to new ideas because sometimes you can ask for a trim or your usual colour but other times you’re leaving your hair in the hands of someone who wants to experiment. I love to change my look every so often but not everyone does.

This time I was contacted by L’Oreal through the blogging community to come in for highlights. I haven’t put a dye in my hair in almost 2 years because my hair was severely damaged and even though I said I’d go in I was really nervous about what the end result would be. I didn’t want a lot of platinum blonde highlights that were going to ruin the quality of my hair. When I arrived it turned out it was up to me to choose the colour and quantity of highlights so I felt a lot better.

In the end we went with neutral and ash blondes and the result was a very natural low maintenance look. My hair is naturally a sandy colour that goes blonde in the summer so dark and beige blondes suit my complexion nicely.

I would definitely recommend going to the L’Oreal salon as they know hair. The first thing the head stylist pointed out to the other stylists was that yes my hair was fair but also had a lot of warmth in it. After she said that I knew I was in good hands. I know my hair and have been naive in thinking every hairdresser I’ve gone to also does. That has not been the case and I’ve had hairdressers throw dyes on my hair and well, my hair has turned very unnatural colours. If you have warm / red tones to your hair you need to research what colours you can put on top of it including peroxide unless of course you are in fact going for the Cyndi Lauper look.

I have been toying with the idea of highlights for my wedding photos but as I mentioned above didn’t want them to look to bold or false but now I think I’ll get them regularly. Thanks L’Oreal, I’m really chuffed with my new look 🙂