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If you read my last Bridal post you’ll know I have 3 wedding dresses. Well I also have 7 bridesmaids dresses too. I know compared to most weddings where there would be 2 or 3 (hey they could wear my spare wedding dresses) 7 is quite a lot but believe me that was with a lot of thought and narrowing it down. I have a LARGE family and a BIG pool of friends to choose from and there was a lot of debating to do. I finally came down to what I found to be fairest. My sister, a cousin from each side of my family, my fiance’s cousin, my 2 oldest friends and my college bestie.

I always figured I’d have a large bridal party. Most of my family’s weddings have consisted of main bridesmaids, junior maids and flower girls. That’s pretty much what I’ll have as 2 of my bridesmaids will be teens (will post on my flower girl dress next).

It’s seems to be 50/50 on people asking their bridesmaids to buy their own dresses versus the bride paying for them but I’m of the latter opinion. This meant of course that I had to be wise and keep my eyes peeled for a good bargain. I didn’t mind if the dresses didn’t match if I ended up getting 3 in one store and 4 in another or something like that as I wanted them in different colours anyway. Trawling the sales came up empty handed and while there were some possibilities on DoneDeal I couldn’t find the sizes or exact colours that I wanted. Eventually I took to online stores and low and behold I found the dresses pictured above. They were perfect. Knee length so that the girls could move around freely without fear of tripping over a trailing dress (let’s leave that to me) and the colours were spot on! They were also ON SALE which meant I was able to get 7 of them plus postage for under 90 euro!

They arrived the day after I ordered them and I’m so happy with them that I’m raging I didn’t buy a spare one for myself 🙂