I’m getting married next year (2016) and I have ended up acquiring 3 wedding dresses. Before you think I’m a spendaholic my 3 dresses came to under 150 euros for the lot. How? Let me explain…..

Dress No.1

The first dress I picked up is my bonafide wedding gown for the day of my wedding. A friend of mine had been working bridal photoshoots and had 2 gowns hanging in her wardrobe that she never intended to wear and needed to get rid of as she was moving to Berlin. She posted photos on Facebook of the 2 gowns and I immediately fell in love with the princess style ballgown pictured above. I’m very pale so pretty much the only thing I knew about picking a wedding dress was that it couldn’t be white. It could be ivory, it could be champagne, it could be pink but it couldn’t be white. The dress itself is ivory and blush. It has a train and many underskirts and when I put it on I feel like I should be doing the queen’s wave. It was perfect and really complimented my hourglass shape. She charged me 70 euro for it. My veil will probably cost more than my gown. I’m going to add new straps to it. The current ones are skinny straps and I would prefer something thicker. I also need to take it in a size or 2 but apart from that it’s perfect and didn’t cost me the Earth 🙂

So why the other 2?

Dress No.2

I’m a big vintage collector. As I mentioned above I have an hourglass figure so clothes from the 40s and 50s fit me like a dream. One vintage store that I buy from a lot is Pretty Bones Jefferson. They had a black Friday sale a couple of weeks before Christmas and one of the items brought down in price was the tea length wedding dress pictured above. It had come down to 40 euro in price and I just had to have it! This dress has a lot of wedding wearing options. 1. Pre-wedding couples photoshoot. 2. Hen party. 3. Change of outfit on the day of the wedding for the evening. 4. We’ll be passing through Reno on the way to our honeymoon and who knows, cheesy Reno wedding could be fun.

So where could a 3rd dress possibly fit in?

Dress No.3

Dress number 3 I spotted on sale for 4 euro , yes I said 4 euro, at one of Siopaella’s amazing charity sales. It was my size, it was a wedding dress and it was 4 euro, into the basket it went. So in what wedding related capacity am I going to fit this in right? I’ve already got my dress and my back up dress, does one bride really need 2 back ups. Well back up because I ain’t told you where I’m going for my honeymoon. I’m not someone who’s good at lazing by the pool and as you may have figured out by my saying I can’t wear white because I’m so pale I don’t tan too well either. I’ve always preferred active, adventurous holidays so for our honeymoon we’re going to Burning Man. My fiance has been before so while I’m putting everything together for the wedding he’s getting the post wedding arrangements in order. It’ll be a week of events once we get there and more than likely some boho, desert wedding celebrations so why not a boho chic dress to go with it? It’s made of really light material so I won’t be sweltering under the Nevada sun in it either.

So that’s the story of my 3 dresses. If you’ve got any comments or questions feel free to send them on below or in my contact section.


https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/PrettyBonesJefferson Pretty Bones Jefferson

http://www.siopaella.com/ Siopaella

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