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Insomnia’s Seasonal Coffee Is Every Glitter Lover’s Dream

I’m not gonna lie I can be a bit of a basic bitch when it comes getting hyped for the arrival of seasonal coffees. The minute I spot an advert for a new drink I’m like ‘Ou what’s that?” and occasionally “ew what’s that” when it looks a bit dodge.



Saying that I love the auld seasonal coffee I’m not actual a pumpkin spice latte girl at all. My mate convinced me to try one last year and it was not the party in my mouth that I was hoping it would be.


So I was really holding out for a hero when it came to the Christmas selection and yesterday my new favourite, super girly, Christmas ‘treat yoself’ treat.

Introducing the Insomnia Salted Caramel Latte……………

I know what you’re thinking, what has salted caramel got to do with Christmas and I can safely say probably nothing but what does make it an extra special Christmas surprise is the topping which is gorgeous golden edible glitter!

If you’ve seen some of my previous posts you probably know I love me some glitter so yep I’m may have squealed a little in the cafe.

The Insomnia Salted Caramel Latte is super yummy but you’ll definitely need a sweet tooth for this one, which I do so it’s on like Donkey Kong.


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The Cadbury Classic Selection Box Is Now Available in Irish Shops

I’ve seen a lot of news flying around the internet about the Cadbury Classic selection box and on all the sites and blogs the word is that you can order them for approx 7 euros plus the additional postage and packaging from the UK so I was fairly surprised today was I was out in town today and spotted one in the shops.


Sure tis yourself….

This nostalgia bomb of a selection box is currently available in Centz but I’d say it won’t be long before other retailers get in on the retro action (if they haven’t already).

So save yourself a few quid on postage and get down the shops sure it’s Friday, treat yourself.


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My ‘With Love & A Needle’ Surprise Parcel








My Golden Child Vintage Sale Haul

I’m a vintage and thrift shop addict, both because it makes my wardrobe more unique and also because it’s more environmentally friendly as less clothes end up at landfills.

When I had my son we were lucky to get a lot of little boy hand me downs from friends and family but I still loved browsing the thrift shops, especially when we were on holidays, to see what funky vintage or handmade pieces were out there. In the great circle of clothing life most of my sons clothes from when he was younger have been passed on to friends, family and charity shops and now that I’m 9 months pregnant the collection of newborn to one year clothing begins.

Once again a lot has been good quality hand me downs from family members but the desire to thrift is still strong and when I spotted Golden Child Vintage were having an amazing 50% off sale I just couldn’t resist picking up a few pieces.

If I could have I would have bought everything on their site but for the time being here are the 6 pieces I picked up. Altogether these pieces originally would have cost almost 100euro but with their 50% off sale the entire bundle came to just a little over 40euros!



Osh Kosh Pink Dungerees – Size 3 months (1990s)


Vintage Dress – Size 6-9 months (1980s)


Feltman Bros Dress – Size 3 months (1980s)


Cl Castro & Co Dress – Size 6 months (1990s)


Boots dress – Size 3-6 months (1980s)


Boots dress – Size 3-6 months (1980s)

Below are some snaps of me in the early 90s alongside 2 of the dresses I picked up.




5 Fab Irish Businesses For Pregnant Mums & Parents

Golden Child Vintage


I spotted Golden Child vintage at the start of the year and fell in love. Not only am I a vintage addict but with most of the clothes being from the 80s and 90s it was a major nostalgia bomb. Recently they had an amazing 50% off sale which meant my order which originally would have cost almost 100 euros was reduced to just a little over 40euros!

If you’re a vintage lover who is looking for something a little bit different from what’s in the shops at the moment check out their website below as they’re planning on having a whole bunch of new stock in very soon.

Golden Child Vintage

With Love And A Needle


With Love & A Needle make some fantastic custom garments and accessories and recently I purchased a ‘surprise parcel’ from them. I got a glimpse of some of the fabric being used to create a baby outfit but the rest I would have to wait and see when it arrived.

In the end my parcel included a matching trouser and bib set, a 2 sided toggle blanket, a fabric brooch for myself and some matcha tea. All handmade and costing only 20euro!

If interested in finding out more check out the link to their Facebook page below.

With Love And A Needle

Me Mamma B


I was the lucky winner of some labour socks from Me Mamma B recently and have to admit they are some of the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn especially in pregnancy when a lot of socks feel too tight on your swollen ankles.

Me Mamma B do a whole range of maternity wear and accessories and if you’re on the lookout for a baby shower gift for the mum to be you really can’t go wrong with their matching sets.

Me Mamma B

Flopsy Shop


I like to shop as ethically as possible and Flopsy Shop is a great way of making sure perfectly good children’s wear doesn’t go to waste.

Selling good quality second hand clothes you can find a real bargain on their site including designer labels at a fraction of the original cost.

Flopsy also buy in clothes (and accept donations) so whether you’re buying or selling it’s good for your pocket and the planet.

Flopsy Shop

Lollipops and Daydreams


I’ve been a fan of looking through Lollipops and Daydreams dresses for awhile but being a boy mammy had never been a customer but as I’m expecting a little girl any day now I finally had the excuse to purchase one of their custom made garments.

As they are made to order the price depends on the size of the child (mine coming in at 30 euro for 6-12 months) but they are unique and perfect for special occasions particularly birthdays.

Orders can take a couple of weeks to arrive so I’ll do a little post when I’ve received mine.

Lollipops And Daydreams

Have you discovered any fantastic local businesses you think other parents should know about?


*This is not a sponsored post. All orders I paid for myself, except for Me Mamma B which was a competition win*

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017


My Poetry – ‘What Do You Buy The Boy Who Has Everything?’

{ I originally wrote this poem in 2009 when a friend of mine became seriously ill but reading back over it reminds me a lot of trying to comfort my cousin after the death of her brother in 2015. It’s strange how something you can write years before an event occurs and under completely different circumstances can come to resonate with you on a completely different level. }



I cried when I found out but pretended to laugh through the tears,

The whole of me grew colder but I had to fight my fears.

If I’m not strong when you are what use am I at all?

Brave face,

Stand in place,

Come and they will follow.

Dreams are for believers and we weren’t anything if not dreamers.

So turn around with those eyes, pretend microphone and all,

It’s not a matter of distance but who will catch you when you fall.

That sad look when they all went home, the memories of the songs we would sing,

Fighting to hold on to my senses,

What do you buy the boy who has everything?

Running wild imaginations, the things we could invent,

We were our own heroes, nothing said was ever meant.

There’s no replacing who we were or what was to come,

So why now does it feel like the setting of the sun?

There were no demons that could take us, we’d fight them all,

And through the sudden thunder I’d catch you when you’d fall.

So let’s go make believe a new world, these things aren’t forever,

And what does it matter if we’re all worn out if we’re all worn out together?

So growing older wasn’t easier, we both found out that,

And in the end we were different, the mouse and the cat.

But what does it matter if we’ve still got the same song to sing?

And maybe along the way I’ll figure out what to buy the boy who has everything.


© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017

When Neven Maguire Is Your Personal Chef For The Day

Last week I won the amazing opportunity not only to attend Taste of Dublin for free but also to have a 3 course meal prepared for me by none other than Irish chef Neven Maguire.

Being pregnant anything involving food is my dream prize so needless to say I was pretty excited.

The prize was for 2 people so myself and my husband went on a long overdue date night to have possibly the best dinner in Ireland.

Starter : Grilled Prawns



Main : Chicken and Mango salad


Dessert : MacNean Cheesecake



All of the food was amazing but my personal favourite were the grilled prawns. I would never usually order prawns if I went to a restaurant as my past experience with ordering them hasn’t been great but Neven Maguire’s prawns may have just turned me around. I would definately order them again if I visited his restaurant, MacNean House.

The demonstration Neven gave of cooking the food was also very valuable not just in cooking tips but also in tips on where to buy the best Irish ingredients.

We were also presented with Neven’s cookbook so that we can have a go ourselves cooking some of his delicious dishes.

Special thanks to Neven Maguire, his staff, Caitriona Redmond and Flogas for the fantastic prize.

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017


Too Pregnant To Function…Or Blog

Anyone keeping an eye on my Instagram or Facebook have probably noticed I’ve been out and about a fair bit but that my blog itself hasn’t been updated in quite a while. This sudden blog abandonment is due to my pregnancy. It’s also the reason why I’ve had to drop out of going to some events I had been invited to even though they looked amazing.

I know what you’re thinking “Sure aren’t there plenty of bloggers who’ve blogged their way through pregnancy?”. There have been and fair play to them because I wouldn’t have had the energy. This is my 2nd child and between hospital appointments, collecting the older one from school and turning into a pregnant puddle in the summer heat I’ve been a gigantic hot mess that usually passes out on the sofa watching Netflix by 4pm.



I had great notions of being very productive blog wise when I first found out I was pregnant but then morning sickness kicked in and the first couple of months were spent testing every food tentatively to see what I could actually keep down.

As the weeks progressed away went any idea I had of doing cute photos in maternity clothes and posting about what healthy snacks I was tucking into or where have the best baby product sales. Instead most days were spent crying because not even my loosest clothes fitted anymore and I couldn’t get out to any sales because I kept fainting if the temperature went over 16 degrees.

This pregnancy has been ten times easier than my first but I still wake up most mornings like a mangled cat with about as much energy to move as a flat battery.



My main priority at BloggerConf and Taste Of Dublin was how close was I to the toilets at all times and how much could I actually hydrate myself before I was bursting again. During Taste of Dublin I was onstage for all of Neven Maguire’s 3 course meal workshop praying that I wasn’t going to need to dash off the stage and take half the table wear with me.

Being invited to anything that’s happening after 6pm is basically a no go as the burst of energy I get in the afternoon as well and truly dispersed by then.

Attempting to look half decent for any event I can make it along to takes hours of prep and is usually just me wearing a loose dress and some concealer.



I get every event I’ve attended up on social media but it makes me feel rubbish when I can’t get the posts I want to write up on my blog. To any event organisers who’ve kindly brought me along to anything this year, thank you so much, I really appreciate it and have enjoyed every one of them and will work on showing the love more in blog form.

In the mean time if anyone is looking for me you can find me melting in my sitting room with a hand held fan and whatever ice pop I’ve managed to sneak passed my 5 year old.

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017


My Davey Davey Make Over

At 25 weeks pregnant and edging ever closer to my 3rd trimester I’m finally starting to feel more like myself again and less of the pajama confined wreck I was in my 1st trimester. After a lot of work on my dried out skin (see previous post) the time had come to do something about my abandoned tresses.

I was on bed rest for the first couple of months of pregnancy so how my hair looked was the last thing on my mind meaning that when I stepped into Davey Davey this month I have several inches of roots showing, what was left of my previous colour was now faded beyond recognition and the condition of the hair itself was fairly limp and lackluster.

In short my stylist well and truly had their work cut out for them.


I had my hair coloured with a rich auburn shade from the Natulique range which is natural, organic hair care containing zero ammonia.

My hair also lots a couple of inches of length and was conditioned and blow dried.

The result:



Super shiny, glossy hair, vibrant in colour and silky smooth in texture.

The condition of the hair makes it so much easier to deal with in the morning and the fresh colour compliments my skin tone and makes me look my energetic and youthful (even on the days I may not necessarily feel it).

Thanks to Fiona for taking the time to work on my mane and Davey Davey Dublin for having me in.

© Copyright of Melise Amour 2017

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